About VSPA

About the VSPA Program

Berkeley is host to more than 2,500 visitors from other universities, colleges, research laboratories, and government agencies who conduct research using University facilities. The Visiting Researcher Scholar and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA) Program was established to accommodate scholars with a Ph.D. or equivalent degree to pursue their research and professional interests on the Berkeley campus.

The VSPA Program has six decentralized authorizing units: College of Chemistry, College of Engineering, College of Letters and Science, College of Natural Resources, and International and Area Studies. All other campus units are under the auspice of the central VSPA Program Office.

Appointments in the VSPA Program are contingent upon the interest and ability of a campus department or organized research unit (ORU) to accommodate the affiliate for the period of time desired. In order to be affiliated as a visiting researcher scholar or postdoc, you must be sponsored by a faculty member of the University of California, Berkeley and meet certain requirements. Please note that visiting researcher scholars are assessed an annual University Services Fee. Postdoctoral appointees are not charged this fee.

Without the payment of tuition or other fees, VSPA affiliates participate in non-instructional seminars and presentations; confer with faculty members; and, access facilities that the sponsoring unit may be able to offer. Standard privileges include use of campus libraries, e-mail services, fee parking permit, football ticket discounts, recreational sports facilities discounts, and access to fee-based housing services .

SPECIAL NOTE: VSPA affiliates should not expect sponsoring units or libraries to provide them with workspace.


Contact Information:

VSPA Program Office
302 Sproul Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-5960

510/642-3328 (fax)