Housing and Accommodations

Cal Rentals

Cal Rentals has listings of local rentals and is available to students, faculty, staff and visiting scholars. Incoming visiting scholars can have access to this listing when they have an approved appointment from our office (Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs Program). If your appointment has already begun and you have a Cal Net ID, you can register by going to the following link and then pressing "Sign Up" under "UCB Students, Faculty and Staff". When you register, you should list your affiliation as "Faculty/Staff": https://och.berkeley.edu/registration 

  • If you are an incoming affiliate and do not yet have your Cal ID, go to the following link to register and select "Guest Type" as "Incoming Faculty/Staff": https://och.berkeley.edu/registration/guest
  • After registering, you will then be asked to provide proof of affiliation. To verify your affiliation, send an email to calrentals@berkeley.edu with your appointment dates, your affiliation (postdoc, visiting scholar, visiting student researcher), and a copy of your VSPA appointment letter that is automatically generated when your appointment has been approved by VSPA. 
  • Once your affiliation has been verified, you will be able to access Cal Rentals and browse its listings. 

Off-Campus Housing

For off-campus housing resources, including listings from apartments in surrounding areas that are connected to Berkeley by BART, please go to this website here: Off-Campus Housing


ABODO is a free, online, third-party resource (not affiliated with UC) that connects you with an assistant to find the right rental for you without any hassle. ABODO assistants can chat with you online through their app but can also accommodate users with whatever means of communications they need. 
Click here to access ABODO. 

Postdocnet Listserv

Our office also maintains a mailing list (it is called the postdocnet listserv, but visiting scholars and landlords also subscribe to this list). Subscribers often post ads like furniture for sale, housemates wanted, or room/apartment available. You can subscribe by going to this link here. After subscribing to the listserv, you can receive postings from members that include landlords or send postings by simply emailing an announcement to postdocnet@lists.berkeley.edu

Craigslist Bay Area

This is a public listing from people all over the Bay Area. Please be aware that this is not a university-affiliated resource and to be wary of any scams. 
Craigslist Bay Area


HouseStay: HouseStay offers a curated selection of fully furnished turnkey apartments and homes available for rent for 30 nights or more.

Padmapper: This website maps out apartments, letting you filter for exactly what you want in specific areas. 

HotPads: Similar to Padmapper, HotPads is another map-based rental search website. 

Air BnB: Air BnB connects people who have spare rooms with those who are looking for a place to stay and is particularly useful for in need of short term housing accomodations. 

HomeSuite and June Homes are two websites that allow you to search for short-term, already furnished rentals.

ABODO: This website/app provides a map view of local apartments and houses for rent, as well as personalized assistance to find places to stay.

NeighborhoodScout: NeighborhoodScout is a search engine that uses statistics to build neighborhood profiles that allow individuals to find out information such as nearby school information, housing costs, crime rates, and more so that individuals can choose a home best suited for them. 


Berkeley International Office also has a page with resources and tips on finding houses on their website here

Berkeley Graduate Division: "What You Need to Know About Finding Housing in Berkeley"


CalRentals has a list of services that they provide to postdoctoral and visiting scholars, and has compiled a list of information covering topics from "Rental Housing Safety" to "When to Look". 

Great Schools: A website that assists in selecting a school district that suits your family's needs. 

Free School Report: From HomeFair, this website provides school reports containing detailed information from public and private schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade. 

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Procedures for Berkeley School Enrollment: This handout gives information on how to enroll your children in Berkeley public schools.