New VSPA Website Launch

New VSPA Website Launch

Welcome to the new Visiting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs website!

By William McCarthy | VSPA News Team | October 4, 2021

The Visiting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs office is proud to launch a newly remodeled website that prioritizes the experience of you, the user.

This new website will serve as a central repository for all the resources that postdocs, visiting scholars, and visiting student researchers need to enhance their research experience. Our goal is to provide the clear, accessible, and comprehensive information that you need to succeed. 

Navigating the waters as a new postdoc, visiting scholar, or visiting student researcher is a challenging and sometimes complex process. Whether it’s figuring out which classification is right for you, working through visa and funding requirements, or connecting with the UC Berkeley community, we want our new website to serve as a straightforward and intuitive platform to help guide you. 

We’ve been working hard for this moment, and we’re proud to share a completely redesigned website. We went back to the basics to prioritize the information and resources that matters the most to our community, but we also rewrote the entire site to emphasize clarity, updated the design scheme with a modern look, and added a number of new features.

The new website includes a VSPA news page to keep you up to date with happenings in the community, alumni and postdoc research spotlights, much more. It also contains added career and professional development pages to help you develop professional competencies and make the most of your appointment at UC Berkeley. In addition, the new website emphasizes campus engagement to help visiting scholars, postdoc, and student researchers engage with their community.

New features also include…

  • A focus on community. What makes UC Berkeley so great? The people. It is the same for the VSPA. Our new website highlights the affiliated groups, career building opportunities, and VSPA offerings that make coming to UC Berkeley such a positive experience.
  • Clear and accessible resources. Improved our user interface and website design to make it easier to find the information you need.
  • Helping our scholars thrive. The new website focuses on your development and well-being as whole people, allowing you to be your best selves and do your best research. That means we want to support you not just in providing quality wellness resources and career and professional development opportunities, but also finding housing and child-care, figuring out where to buy groceries, even finding your favorite restaurants.
  • Events calendar. We’ve all missed seeing people, and our new website keeps track of social events and gatherings all in one place.

News section. Stay in the loop with a new page that publishes interesting developments in the VSPA community, profiles of postdoc, visiting scholar, and visiting student researcher research, and curated local news reports.

For now, welcome - take a look around.