NPAW 2021 Save the Date

NPAW 2021 Save the Date

National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2021

Save the date for NPAW: September 20-24, 2021

By William McCarthy | VSPA News Team | September 6, 2021

The VSPA and UC Berkeley are busily gearing up for one of highlights of the calendar year - National Postdoc Appreciation Week (NPAW). 

Every year over a hundred institutions across the country (and even some internationally) participate in the celebratory week to honor postdoctoral students and the important role they play on campus. This year events will be held from September 20-24 - so save the date. 

Each September the VSPA celebrates the National Postdoc Appreciation week by hosting 5 days of events like postdoc alumni panels, career development events, ice cream socials, beer tastings, paint parties - even Tahitian dance lessons. Although NPAW last year was virtual, the VSPA still hosted a series of online events to honor postdocs. This year, we are excited to hold both in-person gatherings and virtual offerings to provide postdocs with the most flexibility on how to attend events.

This year the VSPA is planning professional development and social events, and will be awarding the mentor and postdoc awards. Mark your calendars, check your email, and keep an eye on the VSPA events page for information on events, dates, and times. 

Although the VSPA advocates for and appreciates postdocs every day of the year, National Postdoc Appreciation Week is a special time to celebrate postdocs and showcase their work and personalities to the broader campus community. UC Berkeley postdocs work extremely hard and are vital to the UC Berkeley community. The VSPA sees this week as a wonderful opportunity to show how much they are appreciated, and to celebrate Berkeley's diverse postdoc population and the wide variety of research they conduct that help make Cal a top research institution. 

Throughout the week of September 20 - 24th the VSPA will be using their annual #CalPostdoc campaign to promote postdocs. They encourage colleagues, professors, and mentees of postdocs to #ShoutOutYourPostdoc and join in the celebration. 

Scroll below to see how VSPA has celebrated NPAW in the past!

National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2020
Twitter post Sept 11 2020: We heart our Postdocs - can't wait to celebrate #NPA2020 with @BerkeleyBPA! #VSPANPAW Twitter post Sept 23 2020; Looking for a way to celebrate #NPAW2020?  Join #VSPANPAW for a night of award winning Bay Area music with @monkeyska this Thursday!  Register here: Twitter post Sept 11 2020: UC Berkeley Postdocs deserve all the appreciation!  Looking forward to #NPAW2020 #VSPANPAW Twitter post Sept 26 2020: Cheers to the final evening of #VSPANPAW Enjoy!; image of local beers


National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2019
Oski Bear in photo frame "UC Berkeley hearts Postdocs" 3 people standing in picture frame Two Postdocs in photo frame "UC Berkeley hearts Postdocs" Postdoc standing in picture frame


Group of Postdocs Oski with kids