VSPA Mission Statement

The VSPA Program strives to:

  • foster a robust postdoctoral community and enhance the postdoctoral experience at Berkeley

  • provide oversight of postdoctoral matters in concert with other UC campuses and other major U.S research universities

  • convey postdoctoral policy issues to the attention of senior campus officials from a variety of occupational backgrounds including sponsored projects, academic personnel, research and development, health services, immigration and naturalization, financial and business services, etc.

  • secure the equitable treatment of the postdoctoral community through the consistent delivery of services, benefits and privileges including minimum compensation standards, group health insurance, workers compensation, grievance and conflict resolution intervention, and social support programs

  • analyze the relational causes of undesirable postdoctoral employment circumstances and provide solutions that would provide access to equitable health and safety standards

  • implement ways to provide a centralized review and protections without undermining the strengths of a traditionally decentralized postdoctoral appointment system

  • continue efforts to better understand the training and development environment offered to postdoctoral appointees

  • ensure that the educational needs and career interests of the postdoctoral scholars are being met

  • provide oversight and support of the Berkeley Postdoctoral Association, a campus professional society that fosters a professional network amongst the approximately 1200 postdoctoral appointees

  • develop and implement campus-wide policy to ensure consistent methods to define, appoint, and record postdoctoral appointments and visiting researcher scholars

  • provide visiting researcher scholars and postdoctoral appointees easy and efficient access to campus service providers

  • provide on-going training of campus staff and faculty who work with visiting researcher scholar and postdoctoral appointees

Contact Information:

VSPA Office
302 Sproul Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-5960

510/642-3328 (fax)