Berkeley Spouses, Partners & Parents Association

The UC Berkeley Spouses, Partners & Parents Association (BSPPA) is a VSPA program supporting UC Berkeley postdoc and visiting researcher families. It was created to help spouses and partners of postdocs, visiting scholars and visiting student researchers navigate the UC Berkeley experience and to support postdocs, visiting scholars, and visiting student researchers with children. The community is open to all kinds of families, including those with and without children. 

BSPPA has organized informational meetings, career development opportunities, social events, off-campus excursions, and informal meet-ups. Our goal has been to serve the large and diverse community on our campus by creating an inviting and supportive environment for VSPA families.

Join our team! If you want to support your community, meet like-minded people, and shape the priorities and direction of BSPPA, click here to register or please contact  Please also see this Resources for Parents/Families page.