In order to conduct research at UC Berkeley, you need to be appointed into one of the following appointment types. Please contact the academic department  or a faculty member whose research aligns with your training and research goals. They will help you determine your eligibility and if they are accepting postdocs, visiting scholars, or visiting student researchers. You may also view open postdoc positions.


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Dr. Samantha Grist



Recent Ph.D.s that undertake research to hone their skills and prepare to launch their careers.

Dr. Iskhak Fatonie


Visiting Scholars

Individuals with terminal degrees that conduct short-term research or scholarship with faculty. 

Ana Luisa Vasconcelos


Visiting Student Researchers 

Non-University of California degree-seeking students that conduct short-term research with faculty.


Once you and your faculty sponsor decide to work together, and you are extended an unofficial offer, you will be contacted by the department’s human resource partner to start the official application and appointment process. If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, please visit the UC Berkeley International Office website for guidance on obtaining a visa. Please note that visiting scholar and visiting student researcher appointments require payment of the University Services Fee (USF)

We recommend that you proactively review VSPA Housing and Relocation resources and the VSPA Getting Started Checklist to better understand and prepare for the next steps in the onboarding process.