Fulbright Scholar/Student Researcher

Hosting a Visiting Fulbright Scholar or Student

The Fulbright Scholar Program is an integral part of UC Berkeley's efforts to strengthen and enhance our international leadership, education, and research collaborations. Each year we welcome the world to campus and connect the campus with the world. Through the active sponsorship by UC Berkeley faculty of researchers who receive Fulbright funding, these international fellows enrich our research community in significant ways.

UC Berkeley Faculty Responsibilities

  1. Identify a potential applicant, and ask them to consider visiting UC Berkeley. Think of this as an informal way of gauging whether it’s a fit. The official invitation may be sent later.
  2. Determine eligibility. Confer with the VSPA to determine the appropriate title for the scholar (postdoctoral scholar, visiting scholar, or visiting student researcher). All Fulbright scholars must have an appointment approved by the VSPA to visit UC Berkeley. 
  3. Recommend that the scholar contact the Fulbright commission in their country or contact the U.S. Embassy for application and deadline information. The scholar may work with the Fulbright Commission in their home country or with the Institute of International Education (IIE). 
  4. Determine the appointment start and end dates.
  5. Send an official letter of invitation outlining the proposed visit, and what it would accomplish. The scholar may include this letter in their Fulbright application.
  6. Work with your department’s human resource partner to submit an appointment application. If your department receives HR services from a BRS region, please initiate the request with your assigned HR Partner by submitting an HR Service Hub ticket. As with all other visitors to UC Berkeley, Fulbright scholar appointments must be reviewed and approved by the VSPA. The VSPA approves all Fulbright scholars regardless of which institution sponsors the scholar's visa.
  7. Institutional Reply Forms (IRF): If an IRF is required by the scholar's Fulbright Commission or the Institute of International Education (IIE), complete the IRF with departmental information, sign in the appropriate areas, and return it to the VSPA. The VSPA will complete and return the IRF to the appropriate contact. Please note that not all Fulbright scholars are required to submit an IRF.
  8. Facilitate orientation and onboarding. Work with your department’s human resource partner to onboard the scholar and encourage participation in required and optional orientation sessions.

UC Berkeley Department Responsibilities

Your department will serve as the key point of contact and support during your visitor's time at UC Berkeley. 

Prior to arrival: Make sure you’re in contact with your visitors before they arrive on campus to field questions, provide resources, and begin to build a relationship. Plan for their arrival by making plans for available office space and their work schedule. Arriving in a new country can be difficult, and you should plan proactively to help your visitors succeed. The VSPA is here to partner with you in orienting 

Post arrival: Coordinate with the faculty sponsor to help the scholar become acclimated to campus. Work with the scholar to obtain their Cal 1 Card, attend the VSPA's New Affiliate Orientation, as well as any other orientations. The faculty sponsor should serve as the point person for introductions to other faculty and staff throughout the course of the scholar's appointment.

Fulbright Scholar Responsibilities

As a Fulbright scholar, you are responsible for providing documentation related to your Fulbright award to your sponsoring department and the VSPA. These documents may include the Institutional Reply Form (IRF). The VSPA will coordinate completion of the IRF, if required, with your sponsoring department. Please allow ample time to coordinate signatures by your faculty sponsor and the VSPA before your appointment begins. If you have any questions as to whether or not forms are required, please contact your Fulbright commission.