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2019-2020 BPA Board at Sproul Steps

19-20 BPA Board on Sproul Steps

One of the best ways to enhance your research experience at UC Berkeley is to get involved in a VSPA-affiliated association or sponsored program.


Berkeley Postdoc Association (BPA)

The BPA is a volunteer organization of postdocs working to advocate for the postdoc and visiting scholar community at UC Berkeley. The BPA strives to provide a network of support and professional development for postdocs and visiting scholars through workshops, social events, and seminars.


Berkeley Postdoctoral Entrepreneurship Program (BPEP)

BPEP aims to foster entrepreneurship in the UC Berkeley graduate and postdoc community. The program provides the tools, instruction, mentorship, and a platform to help you promote your ideas and get your research the attention it deserves.

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Postdoc Industry Exploration Program (PIEP)

PIEP helps postdocs and graduate students make informed decisions about their careers by arranging visits to private companies, teaching scholars and students how to market themselves and offering information about different career opportunities. 


Humanities & Social Sciences Association (HSSA)

HSSA works to build community for graduate students, visiting student researchers, visiting scholars, and postdocs in the humanities by helping them integrate into campus life. HSSA provides career development seminars and workshops, research opportunities, and social events. 


Postdoc Teaching Opportunities Program (PTOP)

Teaching experience is key to landing tenure-track and faculty positions in academia. PTOP helps UC Berkeley postdocs gain experience teaching college level courses at community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and universities in the Bay Area. 


Thriving in Science

Thriving in Science is an initiative that provides graduate students and postdocs in science, technology, engineering and math with the resources to make the most of their academic training. A big part of that? Their stable of community support groups to help postdoc and graduate students navigate personal and professional challenges.


Berkeley Spouses, Partners & Parents Association

BSPPA is a community support network for the spouses and partners of postdocs, visiting scholars and visiting student researchers to help them navigate the UC Berkeley experience. BSPPA organizes informational meetings, career development opportunities, social events, off-campus excursions, and informal meet-ups.



STEM Fam hosts monthly dinners to build community among under-represented, minority students and postdocs. The group hopes to spark mentoring relationships, friendships, and to facilitate discussions about improving the experience for under-represented and minority groups at Cal. 



Opportunities for Postdoc Equity Networking (OPEN) promotes equity, diversity and inclusion in the postdoc, graduate student and visiting researcher community. OPEN promotes intersectionality and dialogue between identity groups and the broader postdoc and graduate student community in a series of events and activities.