VSPA New Affiliate Orientation

VSPA New Affiliate Orientation

Welcome to UC Berkeley! The VSPA hosts a New Affiliate Orientation for Postdocs, Visiting Scholars, and Visiting Student Researchers with approved appointments on the first Thursday of each month (with holiday exceptions) from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. In this meeting, you will learn about campus resources, health and retirement benefits, connect with your peers and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Important Note: Postdoc attendance is mandatory per the union contract. Postdocs will meet confidentially with union representatives for 30 minutes at the end of the VSPA presentation at 10:30 am.

If you have already attended a VSPA New Affiliate Orientation, you do not have to attend another session and may disregard these announcements. This is offered every month for newly arriving affiliates.

For questions, please contact Marci Burke at vspa_events@berkeley.edu.

We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming meeting!

Below are the schedule and registration links for upcoming orientations:

August 1st, 2024 - Click here to register

September 5th, 2024 - Click here to register

October 3rd, 2024 - Click here to register

November 7th, 2024 - Click here to register

December 5th, 2024 - Click here to register

VSPA Orientation Presentation Slides

Postdoc Benefits Enrollment Video (February 3, 2023) For Postdocs Only:

2023 UC Postdoctoral Scholar Benefit Plan Overview