Leave & Time Off

Postdoctoral Scholars are eligible for paid Personal Time Off (PTO) and Sick Leave.  Other leaves such as FMLA/CFRA, Parental, Pregnancy, and/or Bereavement may be paid or unpaid. 

A chart with types of leaving and time off.  Compensation Legend: PTO = 24 days; Sick = 12 days; Disability = 180 days (for pregnancy 6-8weeks) or according to fellowship guidelines; Paid Parental Leave = 20 days (can be used up to one year from adoption or birth of child)


Personal Time Off (PTO)

Postdocs with a 100%, 12-month appointment are eligible to use up to twenty four (24) work days of personal time off with pay at any time within each 12-month appointment period. Personal time off not used within the 12-month period is not carried over into a subsequent appointment year. Personal time off not used when the postdoc’s appointment concludes, including when a postdoc leaves the appointment prior to the established appointment end date, remains with the University. Requests for personal time off are to be submitted to the postdoc’s Supervisor. When making such requests, postdocs should attempt to request time off as soon as the need for the time off becomes known to minimize the effect on their research and progress.

Sick Leave

Postdocs are eligible for up to twelve days of paid sick leave per twelve-month appointment period. Appointees with a less than 12-month appointment are eligible for sick leave in proportion to the appointment period; for example, a postdoc with a six-month appointment is eligible for up to six days of sick leave. Unused sick leave balances remain with the university at the end of a postdoc appointment. If a postdoc is appointed into another position at any UC campus from the postdoc position, the sick leave balance carries forward to that new position. 

Other Leaves

Leaves of absence may be taken with or without pay, may be for medical purposes and/or non-medical reasons, and are subject to the approval of the University. Approved leaves do not continue beyond the predetermined end date of the postdoc’s appointment.

Non-medical leaves of absence, with or without pay, include: certain Family and Medical Leaves (leave to care for a family member with a serious health condition, Parental Leave, Military Caregiver Leave, and Qualifying Exigency Leave), leave for jury duty, military leave, leave for professional meetings, Personal Leave, and leave for service to Governmental agencies. Medical Leaves with or without pay, include Pregnancy Disability Leave, Family and Medical Leave taken for the Postdoctoral Scholar’s own serious health condition and Disability Leave.

Maternity and Pregnancy Leave

The UC-UAW contract allows up to four (4) months of pregnancy disability leave.  This leave is taken as unpaid unless the postdoc has sick, personal time off or goes on short-term disability (income replacement).

As with any other leave, pregnancy disability leave must be discussed with PI/department as recordkeeping for personal time off and sick leave is recorded at department level.

A postdoc will need to discuss with department administrator/contact options for how they wish to be out on leave. For example: a postdoc could use sick leave, personal time off, go on short-term disability, take part of leave with no pay or a combination of these options.

If a postdoc will be electing to go on Short Term Disability, leave can start up to two (2) weeks before projected delivery date (with doctor approval). There will be a 7 calendar day waiting period (sick or PTO can be used) before The Standard Insurance Group will start paying on the disability claim. Once baby is born, the postdoc will be eligible for additional benefits to be paid for up to 6 weeks or 8 weeks (depending on the type of delivery).

For information on short-term disability and to download form, please visit http://clients.garnett-powers.com/pd/uc/. Once the short-term disability form has been completed, please send directly to The Standard Insurance at the address located on the top of the form. Please note that short-term disability is income replacement (pays 70% of the first $1,429 of weekly pre-disability earnings not to exceed $1,000 per week) and therefore, postdoc cannot be paid by any other source while on short-term disability.

Insurance premiums will continue to be paid as if on “paid” status for the duration of pregnancy disability leave. Any postdoc premium contribution will continue to be the responsibility of the postdoc and will receive invoice from either Payroll Department or Garnett-Powers & Associates requesting payment.

Effect on benefits under FMLA

Postdocs shall be entitled to continue participation in health coverage (medical, dental and vision) as if on pay status. Postdocs would still be responsible for their monthly postdoc premium contribution amount.

FMLA runs concurrent with pregnancy disability leave

To be eligible, you must have at least 12 cumulative months of UC service and worked at least 1,250 hours during the 12 months immediately preceding the commencement date of the leave. This includes the serious health condition of a child, spouse, domestic partner, or parent.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Under FMLA, eligible UC employees may be able to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid (can be paid if postdoc has sick or personal time off) leave for pregnancy, prenatal medical care, or childbirth leave to bond with the postdoc's newborn or newly placed child (Parental Leave) or your own serious health condition.

Leaves of Absence

Leaves of absence of any kind should be discussed and approved by the postdoc’s PI/department.