Celebrating Women's History Month

March 8, 2023

UC Berkeley’s (UCB) association with Women’s History Month goes back a long way when an activist, Laura X, organized a march in the city in 1969. This historical march led to the USA's rediscovery of the long-forgotten International Women’s Day. Today, decades later, Berkeley continues to embrace the entire month of March in all its glory to celebrate women around the world. 

A recently published article by Berkeleyside portrays one such example, telling the story of empowered women empowering women. A community for moms, and moms for community captures the essence of all the different motherhood roles in the most unfiltered and real way possible. 

Throughout this month, UCB has been organizing events recognizing achievements by women in diversified fields. The university has also opened nominations for the 2023 Rise Leader Awards. Rise is an event that takes place in Fall to celebrate women, community love and leadership. Nominations are open for UCB and non-UCB women leaders till March 31. 

In another portrayal of women empowerment, the South Asian Journalist Association organized a Book Talk at the North Gate Hall School of Journalism. The guest of honor was Jyoti Thottam, a senior opinion editor at The New York Times and the author of ‘Sisters of Mokama.’ The talk discussed her writing about stories of post-partition India. Her book, in specific, tells the story of six intrepid Kentucky nuns who sacrificed everything to build a hospital in the poorest state in India. 

The Berkeley Law School joined the celebrations as well with Savala Nolan’s podcast ‘Be The Change.’ Nolan is the director of Berkeley Law’s Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice. She is also the host of this podcast that highlights people who embody the change they want to see in the world. Season two of the podcast is a collaboration between Berkeley Law and Berkeley News where Nolan interviews three changemakers who have taken up initiatives to make the world a better place. 

Women’s History Month is more than just a celebration of women empowerment. It is an opportunity to recognize and express gratitude for all those who have been brave enough to stand against injustice and prejudice against women. So much of our freedom today is a result of their sacrifices and courage. Circumstances are still not ideal today in many contexts and in several regions of the world. But, this is all the more reason to remember our history, draw inspiration from it and never give up on our rights. After all, women have all the world's strength right inside them!