Postdoc Compensation


At UC Berkeley, postdocs must be hired, at minimum, at the salary level on the UC postdoc salary scale (see below) that is appropriate for their experience as a postdoc, in accordance with the agreement between the University of California and UAW, the union representing postdocs in the UC system.

UC Berkeley Postdoc Salary Scale
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"Experience level" means a postdoc's previous experience, including postdoctoral appointments at UC and/or other institutions. Postdocs may earn more than the minimum rate corresponding to their experience level.

NEW Salary Scales Effective October 1 (exempt) and October 1 (non-exempt) 2023:

Exempt Postdoc Salary Scale

Non-Exempt Postdoc Salary Scale

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Salary Increases
  • Starting in 2023, individual experience levels will go up on April 1 and October 1, depending on the initial UC appointment date.
  • Salary increases are not based on performance.
  • Nothing shall preclude the University from providing compensation at rates above those required by the contract.
  • Postdocs who are paid above the minimum for their experience level on April 1/October 1 receive either an increase to the next experience level or a 3% salary increase, whichever is greater.
Time and Effort Commitment (Article 25)
  • Postdocs are considered “exempt” under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Required work schedule must be reasonable and related to research needs
  • Emphasis is on meeting professional goals and on demonstrating research and creative capabilities, rather than working a specified number of hours.