Postdoc Compensation

Postdoc Compensation

At UC Berkeley, postdocs must be hired, at minimum, at the salary level on the UC postdoc salary scale (see below) that is appropriate for their experience as a postdoc, in accordance with the agreement between the University of California and UAW, the union representing postdocs in the UC system.

UC Berkeley Postdoc Salary Scale
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While salary increments are based on the steps of the NIH/NSRA scale, the bottom of the UC postdoc salary scale (level 0) is the same as level 2 on the NIH scale. "Experience level" means a postdoc's previous experience, including postdoctoral appointments at UC and/or other institutions. Postdocs may earn more than the minimum rate corresponding to their experience level.

Exempt Postdoc Salary Scale

Non-Exempt Postdoc Salary Scale

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Salary Increases
  • At time of reappointment or anniversary date, postdocs must be moved to at least the next level of the UC Salary Scale
  • Salary increases are not based on performance.
  • Nothing shall preclude the University from providing compensation at rates above those required by the contract.
  • If a postdoc’s rate is already greater than the next step, then the increase must be at least 2% at time of reappointment.
Time and Effort Commitment (Article 25)
  • Postdocs are considered “exempt” under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Required work schedule must be reasonable and related to research needs
  • Emphasis is on meeting professional goals and on demonstrating research and creative capabilities, rather than working a specified number of hours.