Snapshot of Current Postdocs


In keeping with the VSPA Value of transparency, we are happy to provide these snapshot data of all current postdocs at UC Berkeley. Here you will find a breakdown of various data points of where our postdocs come from and where they choose to conduct their postdoc training at UC Berkeley.

Postdoc Demographic Data as of March 2022
Total Postdocs Female Male Non-Binary USPR* International
1293 543 747 3 59.7% (772) 40.3% (521)

* United States Citizen or Permanent Resident

Postdocs by Funding Type
Funding Type # of Postdocs
Postdocs with Institutional Funding 1061
Postdocs with Fellowship Funding 121
Postdocs with Paid-Direct External Funding 111
Top 10 Citizenship Countries
Country # of Postdocs
United States of America 481
China 213
India 90
South Korea 66
Germany 49
Canada 38
Israel 27
Italy 26
Iran 26
France 23
Postdocs by Department & Research Unit
We collated the total number of postdocs in each department and research unit on campus. 
Postdoc Ph.D. Alma Mater (Top 10)
University  # by University
UC Berkeley 137
Stanford University 43
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 37
UC Davis 27
Harvard University 26
Princeton University 24
University of Michigan 20
Georgia Institute of Technology 18
California Institute of Technology 18
University of Washington 17
UC San Diego 17
Cornell University 16
University of Pennsylvania 16