University Services Fee

Visiting Scholar (VS) and Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) resources and services are supported by the University Services Fee (USF). This fee facilitates access to UC Berkeley's world-class facilities and comprehensive resources, including access to an official Berkeley email account and calendar, libraries, building/facility entry, campus shuttle services, university, and various VSPA career and professional development, social, academic, and recreational programs, and more. The VSPA University Services Fee is separate from any host departmental and/or Berkeley International Office fees.

The University Services Fee is paid, either by the university sponsoring unit or the scholar themselves. The fee corresponds with the dates of the appointment and is valid for up to one year. This annual fee is not prorated. If the campus unit or faculty sponsor agrees to request a reappointment past the initial first year, a renewal USF will be due.

The fee for initial VS appointments is $750 and $1000 for initial VSR appointments. VS reappointments are $1500 and VSR is $2500.

The USF can be paid by the VS and VSR by credit card via the VSPA online payment system, Aventri. Aventri accepts Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit/debit cards. Sponsoring units pay the USF via the VSPA Interdepartmental Order Form (IOF). Note: Departments may not use a Blucard to pay the fee; they must use an IOF.

There may be a need to request a refund of the USF if an appointment is canceled before the VS or VSR arrives on campus. To request a refund of the USF, send an email to, with the VS or VSR's full name, the name of the host unit, and the reason for the cancellation.