Additional Housing Search Resources

Find longer-term housing and additional rental information and resources here.

Intersection Apartments (Single Postdocs & UCB Graduate Students Only)

Cal Housing has a furnished housing option at the Intersection Apartments, an independent-living option for single graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Located in Emeryville not far from the Bay, the building is only three miles from the UC Berkeley campus (about a 15-minute drive or 30-minute bus ride on AC Transit bus line Transbay F). Apply now via the Cal Housing portal.

International House (Single postdoctoral students, visiting scholars and researchers and Education Abroad Reciprocity students are eligible)

International House at UC Berkeley is a multicultural residential "living and learning" center of nearly 600 students and scholars from 70+ countries, including the U.S. Single VSPA affiliates are eligible to apply to I-House, and assignments are made on a rolling basis. This is a room and board opportunity to live in single or double rooms, set in an historic Julia Morgan designed building at the top of Bancroft Way across from the campus. International House at UC Berkeley

VSPA Postdocnet Listserv

Our office also maintains an exclusive general forum mailing list called Postdocnet. Subscribers often post ads like furniture for sale, housemates wanted, or room/apartment sublets available, as well as local landlords who wish to share rental vacancies to our community. To sign up for the postdocnet emails/posts, send an email with a blank subject line to In the body of the message type “subscribe postdocnet”. After subscribing to the listserv, you will receive postings from list members or you may send postings by simply emailing an announcement to

Home Match

Get matched to live with a University of California retiree in the Berkeley area and possibly form life-long friendships with the Home Match. The screening process may be somewhat intensive but there is a piece of mind knowing that the home provider and their homes are also vetted.


Rentable (formerly ABODO) is a free, online, third-party resource (not affiliated with UC) that advertises rental vacancies. Type 'Berkeley CA' in the search box to examine rental listings in and near Berkeley. Use the filters to fine-tune your search criteria. Click here to access Rentable.

Craigslist Bay Area

This is a public listing site from people all over the Bay Area. It is widely used by landlords and property managers to advertise rental vacancies in and near Berkeley. Individuals also advertise furniture, household goods, and many other items they want to sell or give away. Please be aware that this is not a university-affiliated resource and to be wary of any scams. Craigslist Bay Area


This is a public listing site similar to Craigslist but it's only for housing -- both for long and short term rentals and also homes for sale. Please be aware that this is not a university-affiliated resource and to be wary of any scams, although Zillow does a fairly good job of vetting the people who advertise rentals. Zillow Berkeley (Hint: to select rentals in communities in addition to Berkeley, select "Remove Boundary" on the map.)


This is the go-to resource for visiting academics to see furnished rental advertisements near academic institutions world-wide. Here you will find the homes of UC Berkeley faculty who are going on sabbatical leave and other professionals who seek to rent to like-minded people coming to Berkeley to teach or do research. The typical rental is for a semester or an academic year, although many of the rental listings are for flexible periods.

Other Resources

Berkeley International Office (BIO): Our friends at BIO have a great housing resource page you may find useful as well as their Living in Berkeley page.

Academic Housing Rentals: Find fully-furnished, dorm-style housing, move-in ready, and fully equipped homes close to UC Berkeley campus & Downtown Berkeley Bart. 

Padmapper: This website maps out apartments, letting you filter for exactly what you want in specific areas. 

HotPads: Similar to Padmapper, HotPads is another map-based rental search website. 

Cirtru: Find rentals and roommates through personalized search results.

Information for Renters

Peruse this handy list of services on off-campus housing covering topics from "Rental Housing Safety" to "When to Look". 

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board is where you can learn about rental information and rights in the City of Berkeley.

California Tenants: A Guide to Tenants' and Landlords' Rights and Responsibilities, is an online booklet published by the California Department of Consumer Affairs that covers topics such as: things to know before you rent, what to know while you are renting, how to deal with any rental problems that may arise during your tenancy, and what to expect when you decide to vacate your rental.