Virtual Tools

Virtual Tools

Nature Masterclasses

VSPA is happy to offer all visiting students and researchers in the natural sciences a Nature Masterclasses subscription.

Nature Masterclasses are practical, interactive professional development workshops and courses. The curriculum is designed to provide researchers with strategies to develop their skills, confidence, and careers. Courses include science writing and publishing, focus on peer review, and effective collaboration in research. Register to access to the courses available today.

New York Academy of Sciences

For over 200 years the NY Academy of Sciences has helped scientists, engineers, and innovators pursue successful careers. Access tools, webinars, and other great resources via a free membership, courtesy of VSPA. Register to access our exclusive membership today.

National Postdoc Association (NPA)

UC Berkeley postdocs can join the NPA today through the VSPA institutional membership, and find out more about how they advocate "to improve the postdoctoral experience by supporting a culture of inclusive connection," provide career opportunities via their job board, and attend national conferences and other events. Register to access our exclusive membership today.

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity is a professional development, training, and mentoring community of over 40,000 graduate students, post-docs, and faculty members. 

Resources include advice on how to write effectively, get your work published, manage your time, and prepare your courses. The Center also offers resources that may be of particular interest to postdocs in underrepresented groups (including women in many fields).  Opportunities to start new classes or workshops occur throughout the year. 

For more information, please view this summary of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (PDF). 

The Versatile PhD

Thinking about the next steps in your career? Have you thought about exploring non-academic career options? 

If so, dive into The Versatile PhD, a web-based resource that demystifies non-academic careers and helps you find professions that utilize the skills you are developing as a postdoc or while in graduate school.

As a VSPA affiliate at UC Berkeley, you will be able to access premium content such as examples of successful resumes and cover letters that resulted in post-academic positions, panel discussions, and first-person accounts on where to go after graduate school.