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Pooja Mukherjee grew up in Calcutta, India as the only daughter of a tight-knit family. Now, she’s half a world away, doing some of the most revolutionary…
Although Veronika Sunko’s research in quantum materials is highly sophisticated, she conceives of it in a straightforward way - it’s like working on a puzzle.
After nearly two years in development, we are excited to finally announce the launch of the VSPA Housing & Relocation Assistance Program!
To Dr. Signe White, the greatest inspiration for experiments and research questions should come from the world beyond the lab.
When Federico Munch moved from Switzerland to Berkeley to start his postdoctoral research in February 2020, he had little idea that he had less than a month to…
Dr. Eva Ge grew up in a family of scientists, but even she understands how hard it can be to grasp others' research.
The UC Berkeley community wish Yvette Lane-Newton the very best on her new adventure!